Ackerman Pierce

Harry Hopkins
Compliance & Office Manager

Ackerman Pierce was formed in 2013 to provide recruitment solutions into an array of public sectors including education, social care, planning and administration among others. From the outset, the Ackerman Pierce management team knew that they would require a roster of compliant payroll providers to assist them to deliver their ambitious vision, so they embarked on an initial 'beauty parade' to assess the options available. Central to their remit was to choose suppliers who shared the agencies' values which included respect, integrity and hard work, plus an inherent understanding of safeguarding considerations throughout the temporary staffing supply chain.

Naks Atheeq, DASA Umbrella's Head of Finance, immediately responded to an initial 'fact- finding' enquiry and stressed his willingness to give Ackerman Pierce the service they required. Naks' assurances that DASA would provide a flexible outsourced payroll service underpinned by favourable credit terms have proved instrumental to the mutually-beneficial commercial relationship that has subsequently evolved.

To quote, Harry Hopkins, Managing Consultant of Ackerman Pierce:

Compliance is also central to Ackerman Pierce's offering as they operate primarily in the public sector which has been subject to changes in IR35 legislation and a strengthening of the Criminal Finance Act. DASA's compliance credentials and transparent operational policies provide the confidence and peace of mind demanded by agencies active within this space.

Ackerman Pierce also supplies workers via the increasingly significant MSTAR3 Framework delivered by ESPO, a professional buying organisation providing procurement services into the public sector organisations. To ensure the agencies reputation is maintained, DASA's administrative teams need to respond to any new contracts and assignments at speed; Harry noted that DASA typically provides the requisite information required within just a few hours thus avoiding any delays in the process.

The relationship between the two businesses has now grown significantly with DASA managing the payroll for up to two hundred contractors placed by Ackerman Pierce. The company's respective teams have developed a rapport based on trust and a common desire to support the smooth supply of contingent labour into these increasingly vital sectors. DASA Umbrella's commitment to the original remit outlined by Ackerman Pierce has indeed proved pivotal to the success of the ongoing partnership between the two companies. 

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