Brookwood Selection Limited

Tracy Armstrong-West
Compliance & Office Manager

Brookwood Selection is a multi-sector recruitment agency with offices in Woking
and London. The business specialises in sourcing talent for the aviation, commercial, construction, defence, IT and logistics industries both in the UK and abroad. Founded in 2002, the company is managed and run by a team of passionate experts many of whom have actual experience of the sectors they now represent.

Well-versed in the variances of outsourced umbrella provision from numerous other providers over the years, Brookwood was introduced to DASA Umbrella when Leo Pereira joined the ambitious payroll business as Sales Director in 2019. Leo had worked with Brookwood previously when employed by another umbrella company, so his tenacity and good nature were well known to the agency team.

As is commonplace within the business, "people buy people' and Brookwood trusted DASA to manage the payroll on behalf of their contractors based on their existing relationship with Leo. Thankfully, their trust has been rewarded and highlighted by the endeavours of the DASA team to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently as articulated by Tracy Armstrong-West, Brookwood's Compliance & Office Manager:

"The DASA team never shy away from a problem and Leo is always available and at the end of the phone to help when required. Occasionally, if one of our consultants has failed to forward over a timesheet and hadn't realised until Friday, Leo always makes sure the contractors are paid regardless. Many of our contractors want their wages paid at one-minute past midnight on payroll day so it is great to know that they will always get paid even if there has been a slight glitch in the process. Other umbrella companies we have used have not been so flexible which results in the contractor not getting paid on time which is our worst nightmare."

Leo has also developed a close rapport with our team of consultants and always thanks them by popping in with free merchandise and boxes of doughnuts which are always appreciated. Both Leo and DASA have proved themselves to be a highly valued partner to our company.

This genuine client feedback underlines the values and attitude that characterise the DASA brand; efficient, helpful and friendly are three words not always associated with umbrella companies, but they are fundamental to DASA's vision to provide a personalised and compliant payroll service to both agencies and their contractors. As the company grows, it is imperative that these values remain integral to the company's evolution. 

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