CIS Payroll Service for Construction Contractors

Construction Industry Scheme

Our Commitment to Compliance

Why Choose DASA CIS

Outsourcing payroll to DASA CIS Limited brings many benefits for companies and workers in construction, rail, and engineering sectors.

For CIS Contractors...

Unrivalled Customer Support

Our renowned customer care team is committed to solving any problems, providing legislative advice, and helping contractors maximise the benefits of their relationship with DASA CIS Limited.

Wage Advances Approved on Trust

Should there be any delay in receiving a timesheet, contractors can request an interest-free advance payment of their wages which will be honoured on trust.

Comprehensive Insurance Cover

Contractors paid by DASA CIS are protected by a variety of insurance policies, including professional indemnity and public liability cover, plus drivers’ negligence where appropriate.

Transparent Calculations & Payslips

Contractors receive fully compliant payslips, which clearly display all earnings calculations, CIS contributions and HMRC payments.

Guaranteed Payment Dates

Unlike many providers, DASA CIS makes both daily, and weekly payroll runs so that contractors are paid ‘on the nail’ and can manage their finances with confidence.

CIS & HMRC Deductions Paid at Source

With all CIS contributions and tax liabilities paid at source, DASA CIS Limited ensures that the financial affairs of contractors are always up-to-date, accurate and compliant.

Tax-efficient Take Home Pay

Transparent gross-to-net pay calculations maximise contractor take-home earnings whilst complying with self-employed CIS and HMRC legislation.

Free Access to the DASA Rewards Portal

Contractors are given free access to DASA’s industry-leading employee rewards portal, where they can save up to £2000 per year on supermarket shopping, retail purchases, dining out, travel costs and even fuel.

For Hirers...

Dedicated Account Manager

Pro-active account manager committed to developing trustful relationships with your inhouse teams, onsite contractors, and associated supply chain.

Maximised Contractor Pay

Take comfort that your contractors benefit from tax-efficient gross-to-net earnings calculations and optimised take-home pay, plus all CIS and HMRC entitlements.

Streamlined Processes & Procedures

Outsourcing to DASA minimises administrative responsibilities as our systems ensure all data, records and RTI submissions are maintained, synchronised and documented for reporting and auditing purposes.

Reduced Headcount & Overheads

DASA CIS Limited provides clients with a full-service payroll department at a fraction of the cost of employing, training, and equipping internal staff.

Improved Cashflow & Profitability

The combination of reduced infrastructure costs and improved operational efficiency has the potential to transform both ongoing cashflow and business profitability.

Minimal Employment Costs

DASA’s payroll services are provided at no cost to the hirer as our highly competitive margin is incorporated within the contractor’s gross-to-net earnings calculations.

Enhanced Compliance Credentials

By choosing to outsource their payroll function to DASA CIS Limited, clients highlight their commitment to compliance, strengthen their commercial proposition and give confidence to both customers and contractors.

HMRC-Approved CIS Payroll Solution

Clients are assured that all outsourced contractor payroll services, calculations and payments are conducted in full accord with the Construction Industry Scheme & HMRC regulations.