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DASA Umbrella & DASA CIS have both passed their FCSA review for the period from July 2023 to 2024. Following an independent assessment by JMW Solicitors LLP & Saffrey Champness, DASA has successfully met the requirements of the FCSA Code of Compliance and are entitled to display the organisations Accredited Member imprimatur for both payroll models. Central to passing this review, was DASA’s willingness to produce the requisite documentation and samples required to satisfy and support answers to the questions posited by the accessors.

As ever, DASA remains a fully compliant and transparent organisation with an unwavering commitment to paying their registered contractors accurately and on time. These traits are inherent within all DASA’s processes and procedures and ensure that all annual audits are passed with flying colours. To quote directly from the FCSA certificate, the “FCSA can confirm that DASA is providing professional Umbrella Employment Services/ CIS/ Self-Employed Contractor Provider Services to the required professional financial and ethical standards.”

Any agencies, employers or contractors who want to work in partnership with a risk-free and honourable payroll provider, are encouraged to get in touch with the DASA team by calling 0207 118 0555 or by emailing DASA provide certainty and reliability in an uncertain and unreliable world!