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DASA Umbrella Sponsors APSCo In the Frame Event – Anti-Racism in the Social Work Sector

As an inclusive and multi-cultural organisation, DASA Umbrella is delighted to sponsor an online event focussing on combatting racism in the social work sector. Organised by APSCo and promoted as one of their ever popular In the Frame meetings, the free event will focus on how to implement an anti-racist culture within an organisation, in addition to discussing the impact of the Black Lives Matter movement within the workplace. The event is taking place on Tuesday 15th June from 1pm to 2.30pm.

Chaired by Debbie Smith from Attenti Consulting, the event will include a presentation by John Wayne Reid from the British Association of Social Workers who is regarded as a genuine anti-racism visionary. John’s inspiring presentation will feature the following topics:

  • Wayne’s Social Work background & BASW update
  • George Floyd’s murder
  • What is ‘Black Lives Matter’ and why is this relevant to Social Work
  • Organisational responses to anti-racism
  • Implementing anti-racism in Social Work

The session will conclude with an interactive Q&A where attendees will be able to discuss their thoughts and reactions with John directly.

As a diverse and inclusive organisation, DASA Umbrella is an appropriate sponsor for the event as we are wholly opposed to any form of discrimination or prejudice in the recruitment industry or society as a whole. In addition to being committed to payroll compliance and best practice, DASA’s commercial proposition is aligned with our company values of equality, respect and tolerance.

To confirm your attendance, please click on the following link and complete the event registration form:

DASA Umbrella Sponsors APSCo In the Frame Event – Anti-Racism in the Social Work Sector