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How to Choose a Compliant Umbrella Company

Contractors and agencies need to consider the compliance credentials of any Umbrella or payroll company before they sign-up. There is a myriad of non-compliant and unscrupulous providers active in the market who claim to be legitimate when, in fact, they are simply trying to make a fast buck when handling your weekly (or monthly) pay. Hidden fees and deductions can reduce the take-home pay of a contractor by up to 40% which only becomes apparent once they receive their first payslip.

DASA Umbrella Limited is one of the most compliant payroll providers in the UK as demonstrated by their comprehensive list of compliance credentials and memberships of industry trade organisations. We support all entities within the assignment supply chain and help agencies, contractors and end-user hirers benefit from risk-free payroll, no liabilities and total compliance with HMRC.

Please click here to view DASA’s 10-point Guide to help you select a genuinely compliant and ethical Umbrella company, be it DASA or anyone else. Whatever you do, do not sign-up to any payroll company without doing your research first.

To find out more, please contact DASA Umbrella or 0207 118 0555 or via Alternatively, please visit

How to Choose a Compliant Umbrella Company