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DASA Umbrella’s commitment to helping contractors maximise the benefits of assignment-based working arrangements is absolutely central to the company’s ethos. Every aspect of DASA’s payroll service provision is inspired by a desire to make sure that contractors are paid both accurately and on time, every time. To achieve these aims, we have also invested in a proactive Customer Services Team to make sure that all our registered contractors (and their temporary recruitment agencies) can get in touch with us whenever they need to.

In our experience, this is not the case with many of our competitors, who have a reputation for not answering the phone or replying to emails. We find this highly unacceptable as the payroll industry relies exclusively upon the endeavours of contractors to create the flow of monies in the first place. Without the hard graft of contractors, there would be no industry at all, and we consider it a privilege to represent our workers and take our adopted role as their employer very seriously.

Indeed, our team has gotten to know many of our contractors personally and developed very close business relationships, which helps, especially when they change assignments or agencies. Given the very nature of the contingent landscape, workers are often registered with more than one agency, which is another reason why it is helpful to have a reliable, personable and compliant umbrella company running their payroll. The success of our approach to customer service is reflected in the length of time that a contractor remains with DASA Umbrella, which often stretches to years.

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Added Value for Contractors

In addition to charging one of the lowest margins in the industry, all contractors registered with DASA Umbrella qualify for a raft of free products and services, including a subscription to the money-saving DASA Rewards app. The app features thousands of discounts and special offers from a huge array of high street and online retailers, including:

  • Cashbacks from major supermarkets, including Tesco, Iceland, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Marks & Spencer, Waitrose & Asda.
  • Discounted coffee offers from Café Nero, Costa & Starbucks.
  • Save money on electrical goods & household goods from Curry’s & Argos.
  • Claim cashback on fashion & sportswear from Adidas, Boohoo, New Look, Primark, JD Sports, Asos, Nike & many, many more.

The app also includes a BP Fuel Card where workers can register for weekly discounts at over 2000 filling stations in the UK. There is also a dedicated health & wellbeing section on the app where contractors can access a free and confidential NHS Helpline and a library of invaluable resources to help manage your physical and mental health. Additional offers are added to the app on a daily basis, which has the potential to save a contractor over £2k per year on their household and leisure expenditure.

Discounted Contractor Mortgages from CMME

One of the biggest problems faced by contractors, the self-employed and freelancers is getting a mortgage, given that lending eligibility remains rigidly dependent upon the ‘three months’ payslips’ criteria. Over the years, one of the most frequent complaints from DASA contractors has been that they have struggled to apply for mortgages because they are not employed on a full-time PAYE basis.

To help their workers overcome this somewhat antiquated barrier, DASA has a commercial partnership with the renowned CMME organisation, which specialises in sourcing contractor mortgages. They understand the contracting landscape and have access to numerous mortgage products designed specifically for the temporary workforce, most of which are not available from traditional lenders. CMME provide the perfect whole-of-market solution for contractors registered with DASA, be they first-time buyers or looking to re-mortgages or take out a buy-to-let mortgage.

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Unconditional Wage Advances for Contractors

One of the most heart-warming facets of DASA’s response to the ‘cost of living crisis’ is the way that we treat requests for wage advances from contractors. The number of requests has increased dramatically over the past year, with many made out of necessity in order to pay an unexpected bill or to cover gifts, holidays, or to get through the expensive holiday period. . The stark reality is that a contractor’s financial situation is wholly dependent upon DASA agreeing to such requests without fuss or long-winded administrative procedures.

Echoing the ethos of our company and the very humanistic nature of the Directors, these requests are invariably made purely on trust, much to the relief of those contractors in dire need of help. It is sobering to recognise that many candidates actually live on a hand-to-mouth basis and are never far from the breadline. One can only imagine the consequences for these individuals if DASA did not adopt and embrace such an understanding attitude to these requests.

DASA Wins Best Umbrella Company 2020 & 2022

As if to underline our worker-friendly approach, DASA Umbrella won the Best Umbrella Company category at both the 2020 (Under 1, 499 Clients) and 2022 (500 – 1, 499 Clients) Contracting Awards. On both occasions, the judges noted DASA’s exceptional customer service levels, diverse company culture and genuine client case studies as significant factors in their decision to award the company these prestigious accolades. We were particularly thrilled to win these awards, especially given the number of nominations in this highly competitive category, which validates our industry-leading support for our contractors.

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