Payroll Solution for Temporary Recruitment Agencies

A WIN-WIN Solution

At DASA, we help temporary recruitment agencies handle payroll smoothly and legally, no matter the sector or payment method. We make sure all contractors get paid correctly and on time, every time.

Our team is here to support you, whether at your place or ours, to improve your business and contractor connections

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  • APSCo, FCSA, Professional Passport & TEAM Members
  • Umbrella, PAYE, CIS & Limited Company options
  • Transparent margins & bespoke contracts
  • Dedicated account manager & one-to-one support
  • 24/7 customer service & client communication

Our Commitment to Compliance

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What Our Clients are Saying


Compliance is also central to Ackerman Pierce’s offering as they operate primarily in the public sector which has been subject to changes in IR35 legislation and a strengthening of the Criminal Finance Act. DASA’s compliance credentials and transparent operational policies provide the confidence and peace of mind demanded by agencies active within this space.

The DASA team never shy away from a problem and Leo is always available and at the end of the phone to help when required. Occasionally, if one of our consultants has failed to forward over a timesheet and hadn’t realised until Friday, Leo always makes sure the contractors are paid regardless. Many of our contractors want their wages paid at one-minute past midnight on payroll day so it is great to know that they will always get paid even if there has been a slight glitch in the process. Other umbrella companies we have used have not been so flexible which results in the contractor not getting paid on time which is our worst nightmare.

I am happy providing all my candidates are paid on time and I don’t receive any disgruntled phone calls on a Friday. Before I formed Sinclair, I was been let down by third-party back-office suppliers and recognise the damage they can do to your reputation. As long as all my candidates are paid on time, I have no complaints. The Sinclair account is managed by Sales Director, Leo Pereira who has become actively involved in the altruistic element of the company as well as the purely commercial side. Leo shares Keith’s passion for football and even played for the Sinclair team in a six-a- side fundraising tournament in 2019.

Kelly was always lingering in the background, and I decided to give her the opportunity to work with us when we started the business from the ground up. We met over a coffee, and there has never been an issue since. The whole back-office team also work hard to ensure that all our contractors are paid without fail every Friday, even if there might be an issue with late timesheets. Kay is also fantastic in the Customer Services team, and they all bend over backwards to take away any problems from my desk no matter what the time of day.

Quite apart from being cheaper for our drivers, using DASA means our drivers are not just treated as a number. The whole team in the office are very helpful, especially Kay and Donus, who are both fantastic. They always respond immediately should there ever be an issue and always make sure that everyone is paid on time, even when we are working to tight deadlines, such as over Christmas. They always go above and beyond to get the job done

“We trust DASA Umbrella to manage the payroll on behalf of many of our public sector council contractors, and they have become an integral element of our worker supply chain. Unity Recruitment is an expanding recruitment agency brand, and we need to be confident that all our professional suppliers are both fully compliant and ethical in their business dealings with us. We have regular meetings to ensure that the needs of our contractors are being met, and also to manage all facets of our commercial relationship. It is a pleasure to work with the DASA team and to witness their growth at first hand.”

Sectors Covered

DASA Umbrella offers payroll services for all types of jobs, so recruitment agencies can trust us to handle payments for their workers, no matter what industry they’re in or how they prefer to be paid.

  • Both public or private sector clients
  • Construction (CIS Gross Status) specialists
  • Education, Logistics,
  • Health & Social Care etc.
  • Multi-assignment capability
  • Single point of contact for all sectors