Sinclair Recruitment Solutions

Keith Sinclair
Owner & Director

Sinclair Recruitment Solutions is a fast-growing business that was founded in March 2017 and is already one of the leading construction agencies in the North West. Having experienced the various "bad habits' of agencies for whom he worked for in the past, Keith Sinclair decided to build a superior company based on providing clients and contractors with an honest and straightforward job matching service.

Keith's senior managerial experience gave him an insight into the pointlessness of poor recruitment processes where less conscientious agencies try and place as many candidates as possible irrespective of their suitability just to secure their fees; cutting corners only results in wasting everyone's time and money, in addition to failing the client who just wants to recruit people with the skills to get the job done.

Keith's refreshingly straightforward ethos extends to his expectations from Sinclair's roster of payroll providers including DASA Umbrella:

"I am happy providing all my candidates are paid on time and I don't receive any disgruntled phone calls on a Friday. Before I formed Sinclair, I was been let down by third-party back-office suppliers and recognise the damage they can do to your reputation. As long as all my candidates are paid on time, I have no complaints. The Sinclair account is managed by Sales Director, Leo Pereira who has become actively involved in the altruistic element of the company as well as the purely commercial side. Leo shares Keith's passion for football and even played for the Sinclair team in a six-a- side fundraising tournament in 2019."

Looking after a client's interests is a crucial part of my role and I really enjoy getting involved in the social aspect of Sinclair. Playing football with the guys was a great way of getting to know them on a personal level, which obviously strengthened our professional relationships. DASA is a company that really understands its social responsibilities, so it is a natural fit to work with Sinclair who also makes a positive charitable contribution.

Sinclair Recruitment continues to expand into other industries and diversify internationally having recently placed candidates in New York and Stockholm. The company has extended into IT, health and architecture, in addition to cementing its position within all facets of construction, including engineering, plant and labouring among others.

DASA's seamless payroll provision is a fundamental extension of the Sinclair brand and the team must continue to pay all Keith's contractors on time to prevent any frantic phone calls.

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